About our foodbank

No-one ever plans to need the Uckfield Foodbank. But sometimes, things don’t go to plan.

In 2012 we began to hear that people living in Uckfield were travelling to Hailsham and Haywards Heath to use the foodbanks there.  When we investigated the local indices of deprivation we found that 24% of households in Uckfield live in poverty*.  For these households an unexpected bill, a delay in receiving wages or benefits, a long-term illness or no access to free school meals during school holidays could easily mean families need help from a foodbank.

With the help of several local churches we opened the Uckfield Foodbank in September 2013.  As a Christian charity we hope to “restore dignity and revive hope” to those who use our service.  We work closely with over 40 agencies to ensure that our clients situations are resolved so that they do not become dependent on the foodbank.

The service is headed up by our Project Manager but we could not operate without the help of around 70 volunteers, who come from all parts of the local community.  They give over 1,600 hours a year to help the foodbank run smoothly.  All the food donated to the project comes from individuals within the community.  Each year we receive around 15,000Kg, the equivalent of 180 large supermarket shopping trolleys.

If you would like us to come and talk to your group or organisation about the work of Uckfield Foodbank please email us.

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Uckfield Food Bank – a community project, ready to help when you need it the most

*Source: East Sussex in figures, December 2015

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